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I get my blades sharpened by a company (call them 'x'). I live nearby and I fix the managers car. One day, while, I was talking to the manager about my horse saying that it was rolling on the floor and that the our vet was away she told me her husband is a horse vet. I live fairly close by so the managers husband came and saw my horse and gave him some laxitives for free. It scared me because I didn't know what was wrong with him (Dusty). It turns out he had cholic. I did not know this at the time. He helped me for free when he did not need to, the way I see it, the company went an extra mile (and the rest). As a favour I am have recomended them in loads of threads that ask 'where can I get my clipper blades sharpened' I believe I am extending 'word of mouth' I am answering peoples specific questions in a very honest and fair way! An experienced user posted posts after a few of them emplying I was doing 'viral marketing' Do you agree? Do you think I have done anything wrong or is it a perfectly acceptable thing to do?

Please help

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