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Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 1503-151-3/92 Replica Watch


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: Dec 11, 2019 7:45 am     : Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph 1503-151-3/92 Replica Watch

GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT) SPORT In a GMT Black color speech in 2015, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey set the starting point money of GMT Sport.Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph Hammerhead Shark 1503-170-3/93-HAMMER, Today, Greubel Forsey offers an extremely light in weight, sturdy titanium case along with a redesigned curved case design with an oval bezel, curved contours and integrated ball. GMT Sport offers a watertight guarantee at 100 measures, making it the most sporting wrist watch in the entire range. Often the movement also adopts this kind of curved shape, which offers a hanging display with a complex concept of hours and mins. This composition provides an unheard of stage for tourbillon per day seconds and global time period. True Greubel Forsey, as well as a new development in a profitable alliance between ergonomics, technological know-how and architecture.

Sturdy and also original case geometry

Along with a newly designed case, this new GMT (GREENWICH MEAN TIME) is clearly part of the league's "sports. " Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey go on their research in the field of activities watches by pushing the boundaries of ergonomics and sporting comfort. This is how they conceived a new case design, that is certainly circular when viewed previously mentioned, but has an arched square shape when viewed by another angle. This wristwatch is a real sculpture with aerospace volume and is also known for it has the built-in horn and 5 patents. The result: very unique lines fit perfectly about the wrist, regardless of their dimensions. The large satin bezel functions this unusual shape, together with Greubel Forsey values customized on the bevel of the viser. The curved contour on the 45 mm case echoes the curved oval blue crystal,

Aviation and 3 DIMENSIONAL displays

For the "dial" connected with GMT Sport, Greubel Forsey high-quality replica watches also took an authentic approach, envisioning a alleged open dial method having a rhythmic and staged development game. At the suspension brdge, it was semi-obvious Play concerning gears and floating face. In three dimensions. In line with the sporty style of that watch, the emphasis has become on readability and proficiency. The hours and short minutes display are thanks to the massive central skeleton needle, do you know contour matches the curvature of the watch case and movement. The tiny needles themselves are carried by the arched central bridge, which is curved with black-treated ineffective holes. The gear train basically follows an arched necessities, hangs above the earth, along with meshes with a mobile phone taking the hour and tiny hands.

To ensure excellent field of vision in the dark, the luminescent part enhances the position of the arrow-shaped hands and the hour in addition to minute markings on the pain relief hour circle. The reliable dial at 10: one month am combines the small pre-owned (indicating a large and easy disc) and the second time-zone (with oversized numerals). A couple red triangular index echos make the dial extremely substantial Technology touch. The 72-hour chronograph power reserve (guaranteed by means of two coaxial barrels) is definitely displayed at 3 o'clock, and another punch using a red tip. The power arrange differential is located under the posture bridge, and its wheels usually are decorated with Greubel Forsey values, which reveals themselves.

Tourbillon 24-second accuracy

Tourbillon 24 Secondes performed beneath tourbillon bridge at just one am, and its lively system was finely polished which has a black-treated hollow. replica watches review, Greubel Forsey (after the 30 Double Tourbillon and Multiply by 4 Tourbillon), the third fundamental advent in the field of tourbillons, stands out along with a 25 inclined dog crate rotating in 24 just a few seconds. Compared to ordinary rotation (60 seconds), choosing a faster acceleration, coupled with a well-designed parrot cage angle, can significantly help the timing performance of the sole scroll system while maintaining an exceptionally reasonable thickness of movement Many patented configurations can incredibly effectively resist watch disturbance caused by ground attractiveness, specially in stable positions. The tourbillon rotating cage with modification mechanism has 88 elements and weighs 0. 35 grams-a feat especially obtained with light alloy keystone and titanium bridges.

Entire world time globe

At the apex of this precision and consistency, Greubel Forsey inherited his / her original vision for GREENWICH MEAN TIME displays, which was first proven in 2011 and reinterpreted using GMT Black in 2015. In this dual-patented system, on account of a remarkable innovation: the miniaturization of the globe, the second time-zone indication on the auxiliary watch dial, combined with global time on 10: 30 AM, can certainly intuitively read Hours. Result in a complete rotation in the other direction clockwise in 1 day, just like the image of our entire world.

Seen from the top of the N . Pole, the dynamic the planet spectacle is surrounded by a hoop engraved with a 24-hour titre; therefore , users can evaluate the day / night sign (light / dark) you just read the local time of all longitudes. On the back of GMT Sport activity, there is a two-ring sapphire urban center disc that reads UTC World Time and Daylight Economizing Time (DST) in twenty four cities corresponding to the key time zone. The disc in addition distinguishes the main axis (light) using daylight saving time frame from the main axis (dark) not using daylight keeping time. For functional as well as ergonomic considerations, GMT rectification is performed using two links on the left side of the case, one for any second time zone and the different for the rotating globe.HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION 45 MM CRUZ-DIEZ

Sporty appearance

GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT) Sport is limited to 13 pieces and is available in some sort of black or blue rubberize strap with embossed written text on the bezel, which has key values for Greubel Forsey. Both wristbands include titanium folding clasps this enhance the comfort and ergonomics in this prestigious Greubel Forsey clock.


Technical Description

Movement: three or more patents for manual hustleing
Diameter: 36. 90 milimeter
Thickness: 13. 18 millimeters
Movement: 435 areas
Tourbillon cage: 88 pieces
Cage weight: 0. 34 g
Rubies: 63
Half-ice ruby in kitten

Chrono power reserve: 72 hours
Gun barrel: Two coaxial barrels with the quick-rotation series (1 sequence in 3. 2 hours), one of which is equipped with a new sliding flange spring to counteract surge
Pendulum: Variable inertia with gold adjustment twist (10 mm diameter)
Consistency: 21, 600 vibrations or hour
The Ultimate Necessities of Geneva Phillips Pitton
Deck and platinum: ti alloy inside
Holes, trims, beveled and polished is done, stretched edges, black end
Suspension arch bridge, multi-layer, polished, black-treated relief
Anglages and polished finishes, stretch-edged swirl
Bridge, polished, black color finish, beads, beaded, chamfered and polished, brushed tips
Whirlwind: Tilt 25 qualifications, 1 rotation in twenty-four seconds Light alloy
Parrot cage
Pillar titanium cage passage gold counterweight
Wheel: around
Tangential helical gear and also escapement on involute extrémité fixed wheels
The helical gear with irregular the teeth on the mechanism after the give back time setting mechanism
Perspective: Hour and minute hands and fingers, suspended by an curved bridge
Small seconds, each one
72-hour departmental reserve,
all day and Second Tourbillon
Rotating Universe Earth Time, rotated by just a titanium globe
day and night
GMT (GREENWICH MEAN TIME) second time zone
Sports edge: World Time Zone (
Day Saving Time) in per day time zones
Housing: Titanium having curved sapphire crystal
THREE-DIMENSIONAL geometric bezel with stamped text
, Screw-in horn
Wooden buttons
Sapphire crystal-shaped see-through back cover
Titanium mix safety screw floating
Customized with "GMT Sport" along with "Greubel Forsey"
Shell measurement
Middle diameter: 42. 00 mm
Bezel diameter: 1 out of 3. 00 mm
Chassis levels: 15. 70 mm
Levels on ice: 17. 50 mm
Housing Seal: Watertight 10 atm-100 m-328 legs (NIHS 92-20 / SN ISO 22810: 2010)
Prized: titanium and with GF brand
Rubber color-coded rubber capitals, interchangeable
Side dial: Three-hour hour marker with time and minute hands
GREENWICH MEAN TIME indicator with embossed structure
Power reserve indicator, engraved in addition to painted
Gold swirl pointer
, Day / night predetermined globe UTC indicator, sky-blue engraved
Sports side: blue city disc with 3 rings (UTC engraved for the box / daylight economizing time on the gold mobility,
Lacquered, hand-ground) Embossed "Summer Time" with limited variety, relief, grinding hand
Position: Stainless steel hours and a few minutes, Super-LumiNova
GMT second time-zone, red triangle
Small resale, fixed red triangle electric power
Storage, steel
24-second double-pointed aluminum hands, black conclude
Bracelets: rubber and printed text
Ring: Titanium Times, Engraved with GF Brand

Richard Mille 50-04 Tourbillon Split-Seconds
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